Skinny & Fit

But Never Hungry a Bit

Are You In Pain? Physical Therapy can Help! Let Me Help You to Get Back To YOUR Life!!!

This book makes wellness super easY!

Skinny & Fit But Never Hungry a Bit, written by a physical therapist, is a book about diet, nutrition, health and exercise and how to utilize inexpensive, widely available plant based foods and an easy, consistent exercise plan as a means to optimize the readers health and wellness. The book is easy to understand, the techniques are easy to implement and the results are nothing short of life changing and amazing.


Following this plan has allowed the author and her husband to reduce their reliance on prescription medications, reverse states of common chronic diseases and will give the reader who follows the plan incredible energy and help them to regain their health and attain and maintain their optimal body weight. This is definitely not a DIE-T, it is a LIVE-IT. So LET'S DO THIS!


Dr. Suzanne Foxx, DPT, is a physical therapist in private practice in Newport News, Virginia.  


She is an expert in the treatment of low back pain, neck, shoulder, knee, foot and ankle pain as well as specializing in sports injuries and pain  as well as common injuries related to running and golf.  


She sees all of her patients and clients in a



setting.  This means that YOU will get the very best care possible at each and every visit from a true expert in this field.  


Dr. Foxx participates with a limited number of insurance plans including Medicare, Tricare, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO Plans and Workers Comp insurance. 


If you do not see your insurance listed, you can still be seen in our office.  Dr. Foxx will be happy to see you as an out of network provider and will gladly provide you with the paperwork you need to file a claim with your insurance plan. 


 If you are in pain and needing relief, call today!   


Don't let another day of suffering go by.

What are you waiting for?

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How can i help you?

Are you in Pain? Let me help you Get Back to YOUR Life. Dr. Foxx can help you by provideing physical therapy services including pain relief and a return to function after a specific accident,  injury, or illness, or if you are suffering from chronic pain symptoms that are interfering with your ability to do the activities you need and want to do.  Call our office today to set up an initial evaluation. 


Many types of insurance do not require a physician referral. Call today and we will gladly check your insurance benefits for you. Why wait to see your physician first if you can start getting relief from pain today? 


Dr. Foxx also specializes in helping patients and clients with weight optimization, including weight loss or weight gain if necessary, and a return to total body fitness and wellness.  She can help you look and feel your absolute best! 

We are also proud to offer small group fitness and wellness classes to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals in a small, comfortable group setting. 

Call today to see what we can do to help you Get Back to YOUR Life! 

We are here for you!   

And remember that a physical therapy referral from your physician  is like a prescription for medication, You can have your referral or prescription "filled" at the physical therapist of your choice.  And it is always your choice!  You can go to a crowded gym where your physical therapist is handling multiple patient's with techs and aides to help, or you can come to our clinic, where you are being treated by the physical therapist only in a direct one to one setting. 


The choice of where to go for PT is ALWAYS yours! 

Call for an Appointment Today!  (757) 595-9595



"In just 7 months of coaching with Suzanne I lost 50 pounds"


October 8, 2017

"I lost 45 pounds, my type 2 diabetes, my high cholesterol and my hypertension in less than 5 months."


November 15, 2014

"I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. Suzanne gave me the tools I needed to change and I have never felt better!"


June 14,2016

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The information provided on this page is intended for education and information purposes only and is not to be used as medical advice.  If you are in need of specific medical advice  please consult with a qualified medical practitioner 


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