"But Where Do You Get Your Protein?"

“But where do you get your protein?”

Aw yes, the dreaded question. Every vegetarian and vegan is constantly asked by well-meaning strangers this question. I take that back. Maybe they are not well meaning. They are usually simply misguided. Most people have been brain washed into believing that animals must die or be held in captivity and forced to give their milk, eggs or honey in order for humans to obtain proper nutrition. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

All protein, every single bit of protein, is made originally by plants. Animals are incapable of fixing nitrogen from sunlight. This is a job that only plants can do. Plants make protein. Let me repeat that. All protein, of all kinds, is originally made by plants. All protein. All. Then animals eat the plants and use the protein found in the plants to make animal tissue. And then some animals, carnivores and omnivores, eat other animals to obtain their second hand protein but in doing so miss out on a multitude of antioxidants and micro nutrients that were better supplied by the plants. Animals who eat other animals traditionally live a much shorter life because they do not get the antioxidants which are only available in the plants. And this is now happening to humans silly enough to not eat plants as their main source of food. Human lifespans are decreasing instead of increasing because of poor nutrition.

So the better question to ask those who chose to eat animals and their secretions is “Where do you get your antioxidants and phytonutrients?” Then go have a green smoothie, a bowl of oatmeal, whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce, etc., knowing full well that not just some, but ALL of your nutritional needs are met with plants, except for B12…which comes from bacteria…but that’s another story…so until next time, Eat plants and .run. : )

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