Trick or Treat is Coming!

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Yep! Here it comes! If you are like me you do not have a tremendous amount of self control. I find this particular time of year challenging for staying on track as there is junk food and candy literally everywhere and we are socialized to eat when we see others eating. My way of dealing with Halloween is to wait until the day before the even, this year it will be on a Monday, to buy the candy I intend to hand out. I then leave it in the trunk of my car until the appointed hour arrives.

Now I am not going to lie, during the actual trick or treating I am going to eat some of this candy! Yep. it is kind of a special occasion thing and I will more than likely eat some candy while I sit in my driveway and hand out treats to all of the ghosts and goblins that come out for the festivities! Cracking down on special occasions is not the way to win others over to this way of eating. Holidays are times when it can be okay to indulge just a little bit in our favorite things, understanding that once that 2 hour window closes, we have to be finished as well.

What I like to do is wait until it starts getting pretty late and then when it appears that the last child or close to the last child is coming up the driveway, I just dump the whole lot of whatever treats are leftover into that lucky child's container and then all of the candy is gone and it does not come into the house with me at the end of the trick or treat festivities!

Do you have any special way of handling Halloween? Let us know in the comments below! Enjoy the festivities and stay safe everyone!

#Halloween #trickortreat #WFPB

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