let's DO This!!!

Success is just a few steps away!!!

It is time to take charge of your health!  It is time to get truly well! We have all been there. So many of us have tried everything to get on top of our health but the truth is that there is no pill, no magic food, no supplement, no powdered drink, no shake, mix, no device of any kind or anything else that can buy you good health and optimal weight.  What we really need is a real plan, that shows real results for everyone that does it and the ongoing support of a community that cares. 

That is what this group is about.  The solution to overcoming health problems and weight optimization is truly simple.  Health optimization is pretty much GUARANTEED for everyone who follows a  vegan, whole food, plant based, no oil added diet at least 95% of the time and participates in 3 to 5 hours of some kind of exercise a week. It really is that simple.  It is very simple and very inexpensive.  If this is so easy, then why doesn't everyone just do it? What is missing? SUPPORT.  This group is all about ongoing support. We all need support to accomplish and then to maintain our goals.  Free, anonymous FB groups are abundant and easy to get lost in.  What is missing is real ongoing SUPPORT.  And SUPPORT is what this group is all about.

So if you are frustrated with your progress, don't know where or how to get started and just feel like all of this is too hard, don't try to do it alone! Let us help you with SUPPORT!


When you sign up we will send you a Welcome Packet that contains:

  1. A PDF file that contains a Cliff Notes version of Suzanne's book, "Skinny and Fit But Never Hungry a Bit".

  2. A measurements form to help you track your weekly progress which you can choose to share with the group, or not.

  3.  Access to the private closed FaceBook Page and the Ongoing support of that page in a nonjudgemental, kind and caring group of people who all want the same thing, success!


So are you ready to do this? Sign up below and Let's DO This!!!


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